CEO Succession & Transition

An ESOP CEO transition marks a crucial period in the life of any ESOP

CEO transitions are crucial in any business, but even more so in an employee-owned company.

Done poorly, these transitions can cause upheaval in the culture, create anxiety in the customer base and ultimately effect the business and the ESOP in a negative fashion.

To ensure a smooth CEO transition, it is essential for an ESOP to have a well-defined succession plan in place, and to communicate appropriately along the way with employee-owners.

KeyStone has developed a roadmap that lays out what we believe to be the ideal manner for creating a seamless transition. Of course, not all components fit for every business and/or situation, but the following provides a baseline and timeline for key activities.


Identifying and hiring the right CEO takes careful attention through every step of the process.

The KeyStone team will work diligently in every phase to ultimately identify the executive who is not only talented, but also truly fits your company culture.
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