ESOP Culture: Unique Leadership Qualities Required

Mike FrommeltESOP, Leadership

We’re fortunate to have worked with many ESOPs over the years, assisting them in hiring CEOs and other senior level leaders. Through this work we’ve come to appreciate just how unique ESOPs are and how different from other types of ownershi…

ESOP Culture: Can there be too much of a good thing?

Mike FrommeltESOP, Leadership

The great majority of ESOPs I’ve encountered are pretty special places, employee focused cultures filled with hard working, collaborative and loyal employee-owners. In most cases, these strong cultures result in performance that beats the c…

2019 EOS® Conference Recap

Mike FrommeltEOS, Keystone Updates, Leadership

What an amazing conference this year in Atlanta for companies running on EOS®! The passion and enthusiasm was palpable, from the opening address through the closing remarks. And, the topics/speakers in between were outstanding.